"USA property continues to be one of the
most rewarding forms of investment,
with good cash-flow returns and
potential capital growth."

Why Invest in the USA?

The United States has a varied climate and a long coastline. It has everything from film cities, amusement parks, golf courses, beaches and casinos to some of the most famous cities in the world. The USA is home to many and leading technological companies.  In fact the high standard of living is the envy of the rest of the world. As an investor this is only one of many reasons to consider USA property.

10 Reasons why astute property investors are considering the USA Property Market

  1. Start by purchasing one or two USA properties (dip your toe in, so to speak) secure your tenants and rental manager and thereby get the cash flow started. If you are happy you have additional cash reserves to continue investing, if you want to stop at this point you have not used up all your cash.

  2. Although property prices have dramatically reduced in the USA, rental figures have remained relatively steady. The combination of low prices and good rental allows investors to achieve net rental return from 8% to 28% per annum. Compare this to the negative net returns commonly achieved in Australia.

  3. In many instances the property will be cash flow positive even after taking into account all property related expenses including financing expenses.

  4. There is no stamp duty on purchasing property in the USA compared to the tens of thousands payable in Australia. In addition, settlement timeframes are fast (between 2 and 4 weeks) and settlement expenses are minimal.

  5. The currency exchange rate between the USA and Australian dollar is very favourable at present. Therefore the costs of exchanging funds into the American dollar are low. If the Australian dollar was to reduce back down to .60 – 70 cents, moving rental income back to Australian currency will work in your favour, ie increase your overall net return.

  6. The insurance replacement value on your investment property is in most cases more than twice the purchase price of your property. What this means is that the cost of building a new home is far greater than buying an established home. As a result over time, demand for houses will increase (because minimal new homes are being built) and prices will increase.

  7. Property prices start from around $15,000 with the average property price being $55,000. Australian investment property prices generally start from $350,000 for a unit and $550,000 for a house. The deposit required on one Australian property could easy fund the deposit on multiple properties in the USA.

  8. Using USA financing options you can leverage your investment opportunity multiple times over. What this means is that you can use less of your own cash reserves, obtain better quality property (aiming for greater potential for capital growth) or purchase multiple properties.

  9. The process of setting up finance and bank accounts is relatively easy. At Loans USA we will assist you with the simple paperwork and walk you through each step from loan application through to settlement.  We will also the opening of a USA bank account as part of our process.

  10. America is a world superpower with a stable political environment. Eventually when the market corrects itself, there could be massive capital growth.

When investing in property, especially property outside your familiar neighborhood or city it is best to seek professional guidance. This is because property ventures all over the world, including Australia do have pitfalls and are best concluded after extensive analysis and professional vetting.

You must be certain that the property you are buying is situated in a good quality neighbourhood which can attract good quality tenants. You must organise a rental manager to manage the receipt of rental income and organise repairs. All of this is possible and your investment of time and analysis upfront will pay dividends down the track.

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