“The contacts (we met on the trip) are really good, I found them to be helpful, informative and very knowledgeable about their market. They gave me a lot of information to base my decision in Memphis and Florida, and were a wealth of knowledge and really informative.

“I got great service from all the people we met on the tour and am happy to endorse them. My trip was very intensive over the 10 or so days – I thought my head was spinning because there’s lot to take in on a market that you don’t know a lot about. Overall, it was a good experience and I will do it again.”

- Tom


“One of things that I’ve been really impressed with is the strategic knowledge that Loans USA has of the USA property market. They have been there and done that, with personal experience in buying US property, which is a really good appeal. They also really do know their stuff in terms of financing Australians into the US property market.”

“My experiences been in Tennessee, Memphis and Florida – I got some really good rates for both properties, which really helps the cash flow and enables me to buy positive cashflow properties in a positive cash flow market with high capital growth.”

“The finance strategy we put together enabled me to get access to good capital growth with a really good loan structure. The Loans USA customer service is also great – they’re always contactable and know their stuff, so I thoroughly recommend them.”

- Mark Taylor

“Equally most the banks in the US just simply don’t work with international people and the ones that do are rare and you have to find them and they have to know what they are doing in order to be able to do it and they have to have a bank product that enables that.”

“So, Loans USA are key in actually finding the banks that will do the job for you. But also finding the banks that will give you the best financial outcome in terms of interest and loan to value ratio as well as the banks that will structure themselves according to your credit ratings and all of that side of your own personal requirements. And sometimes you may also needs banks that can invest with superfunds. So all of that is quiet complex, very difficult to do and you need somebody who is just continuously working on it all the time because it changes daily almost.  Certainly I’ve change banks , I’ve had different banks for different purposes for different reasons and each time I’ve worked with Loans USA to find those banks and to actually execute and while it’s a pain in the ass getting it all done, it is done and you need somebody who is continuously working on it to get through all of that nitty-gritty and complexities to get a clean outcome both from a return of investment perspective and actually getting it done. So, all of that, Loans USA has done a pretty good job for me.”

- Peter

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