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How Much Should Politics Guide Your Global Investments?
March 3, 2015

When investing overseas, here’s how to weigh factors from regional politics to government gridlock. So you’re trying to decide whether to invest in a nation based on its political and economic climate. Whether it’s stormy or sunny, you may want to heed this puckish bit of wisdom from Laurence Brahm. “Don’t listen to CNN or […] read more

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6 Factors Homebuyers Should Consider Over Interest Rates
February 3, 2015

Beating an expected interest rate increase shouldn’t be the only reason to buy a home now. When the Federal Reserve stopped buying Treasury bonds last fall, experts predicted interest rates would rise, sparking a sense of urgency among prospective homebuyers to take advantage of historically low rates before it was too late. Now the rise in […] read more

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The Biggest Financial Pitfalls for Middle-Aged Adults
January 16, 2015

These strategies will help people in midlife overcome common money challenges. January 16th Approaching midlife can mean many things: Greater stability at home or upheaval from divorce; shifting careers or hitting peak earning years; preparing for retirement while still feeling far from ready to leave the workforce. It’s this in-between time – sandwiched between youth and […] read more

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Capturing the Current Cash-Flow Window
October 3, 2014

October 3rd 2014 As we enter the final quarter of 2014, we can look back at almost two years of a real estate turnaround having bottomed around early 2013.  Investors were poised to capitalize on one of the best real estate investment opportunities ever seen. There was significant upward pressure building on single-family home prices created by […] read more

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US housing outlook steady as sales and price growth slows
September 2, 2014

There has been a lot of talk in Australia about house prices surging in our cities and the possibility of a property bubble but in the US the outlook is much more relaxed. Across the Atlantic a period of strong sales growth is slowing, the number of distressed sales are down and fewer homes are […] read more

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