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Borrower Communication, Regulatory Concerns on Minds of Execs
July 7, 2015

A survey of mortgage lending executives conducted by mortgage insurance company Genworth found that most executives believe that a disconnect exists between lenders and borrowers on who qualifies for a mortgage. The survey, conducted at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Secondary Mortgage Market conference in New York, found that 66% of lending executives believe that borrowers mistakenly think […] read more

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Investors May Feel at Home with Real Estate This Summer
June 11, 2015

As the summer is upon us, volatility will likely be an issue for the stock market as an anticipated rate hike by the Fed will certainly keep investors on their toes. One option to ride out the volatility could be real estate. Home Sales are at a nine year high, according to the National Association […] read more

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How to Successfully Protest your Property Values to Increase Cash Flow
May 18, 2015

It’s springtime, which means you’ve likely received your Notice of Appraised Value on your rental homes for the current year. We’ve all heard that housing values are rising, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that real estate investors should pay more in property taxes. A successful protest of your property’s assessed value could save you thousands […] read more

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What You Don’t Know About Your Credit Score… Could Cost You!
April 10, 2015

Informed consumers considering a home purchase today want to do the right thing and plan ahead. Many do not seek immediate professional guidance from a Realtor or a mortgage loan officer. Instead, they hunt for hours online, looking at numerous websites for available homes for sale. They also consult websites to find the best interest […] read more

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Retirement Countdown
March 31, 2015

Chances are you’ve thought about retirement quite a bit over the years, whether you’ve fantasized about how you’ll spend your time or fretted about your 401(k) balance. If you’re like many, though, you may be a little fuzzy about what your retirement will really look like. At some point, however, you’ll need to bring your […] read more

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