Are you an Australian
thinking about buying
USA property?

Loans USA will assist you to purchase multiple American properties using less of your own cash reserves.

Loans USA are the experienced finance strategists delivering cash flow positive finance solutions to people wanting to purchase properties in the United States of America. Through our extensive network of banking and non-banking finance institutions you can use less of your personal cash reserves to secure more quality property in most prospering American cities.

As a result of the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ American property has declined in price by as much as 75%. These lower property prices combined with a stable rental market (in carefully selected cities) and an excellent exchange rate between the American and Australian dollar have created a unique opportunity for Australian investors. It is now extremely realistic to purchase a USA property where the rental income covers expenses providing you with an additional and viable source of income.

Loans USA work with single home owners, multiple property owners and people squeezed out of the ever increasing Australian property market. In fact, the cash required for a deposit on an Australian property, or even just the Stamp Duty payable, could easily cover the cost of an entire property for many quality USA properties.

Our proven finance options are enabling clients to use less of their own cash reserves to secure quality property in America. Find out how you can do the same by registering for a workshop near you.

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